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Dichtomatik Mâcon | Loché

Any seal. Any time.

Dichtomatik SAS was founded in 2001 as a subsidiary in France. It is part of an extensive distribution network that specializes in O-rings, elastomer connections and especially hydraulic systems, from static to dynamic applications, for the entire industry. Dichtomatik SAS offers the best for both types of customers on the market: On the one hand, it offers manufacturers (OEMs) competitive prices, the necessary support, technical competence and a special storage room for products with certain quality requirements and acceptance of high volumes. On the other hand a very high level of customer service and technical advice for distributors. Dichtomatik has established its own distribution network in Europe with local storage structures, so that the goods are even closer to the customer. Everything is controlled via the logistics hub in Hamburg. At any given time, Dichtomatik offers more than 250,000 items in various dimensions from stock and ship on the day of the order.