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Seal competence

Dichtomatik is a company specializing in technical seals for general industrial applications. Our main task is to supply our customers with the required seal as quickly as possible. Our extensive range, with currently more than 60,000 different types of seals in stock, is continuously being extended. Customer-specific seal variations are continually being developed and this enhances our scope of performance. Our customer service staff is able to refer to and obtain approximately 115,000 of these seal variations specially produced for customers. To ensure the reliable functioning of these seals, even in the case of customized applications, Dichtomatik's team of experts offers technical services such as the preparation of drawings, radial force measurements, comprehensive quality and material documentation, as well as material modifications and tests.

Dichtomatik is continuously working on improvement, procedures are optimised and services extended. The best possible customer support with regard to speed, flexibility and technical application makes Dichtomatik a popular partner.

We would like to point out that the technical seals distributed by us must not be used as toys, infants- or sports equipment, household appliances and tools.