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Rotary shaft seal made of elastomer which has an outer casing reinforced with impregnated fabric. The fabric reinforcement is bonded firmly to the elastomer component. The sealing ring is energised by a spring.

Product group: Rotary shaft seal
Design    E = fabric reinforcement and tension spring
Profile: 5/6/7
Seal material: NBR 80, FKM 80
Outer sheath: NBR 80/FKM 80 with impregnated cotton fabric
Colour: black
Tension spring: stainless spring steel 1.4310 (SAE 302)

Areas of application
Sealing of rotating machine elements such as shafts, hubs and axles in large machinery and plant construction, e.g. wind energy generators, construction machinery, rolling mills and shipbuild­ing. In addition, WE can be used in difficult installation conditions.

The WE types are rotary shaft seals for rotating or pivoting shafts. The WE5 is the standard model. The WE6 type has a groove running vertically to the axle. The WE7 type has a circular groove on the outside diameter in addition to the vertically running groove as in the WE6. The WE6 and WE7 types are applied back to back in pairs wherever relubrication from the outside is necessary, e.g. when separating of media or protecting against the invasion of dust, dirt and water spray. WEs are distinguished by a robust adhesive part, high radial contact pressure as well as good wear resistance. Large-diameter WEs are alternatively available in split form in order to facilitate installation, i.e. the WE can be installed around the built-in shaft.

FKM: mineral oils and greases, synthetic oils and greases, engine, transmission and ATF oils, fuels, aromatic and chlorinated hydrocarbons, broad chemicals and solvents resistance.

Operational application limits
Pressure (Mpa/bar): 0.05/0.5
Temperature (°C): -20 to +100
Peripheral speed (m/s): 25

Suitable tools should be used for the installation. WEs are slightly squashed into the axially accessible housing bore. WEs have surplus height and are additionally axially pressed into the installation housing. Increased radial pressure is guaranteed by the radial and axial deformation. WE6 and WE7 rotary shaft seals are both installed back to back. Special values apply with regard to the requirements for shafts, housing bores and eccentricities. These details can be coordinated with our engineering department.

The nominal widths mentioned on the following pages represent the standard dimensions. Other dimensions and energised springs made of different steel grades can be produced.

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