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Product group: Rod seal
Design: NI asymmetrical u-ring with inner main sealing lip
Profile no.: 43
Specification: E suitable for one-sided pressure load
Seal material: PTFE 00 9808
Spring material: Stainless steel 1.4310 (DIN EN 10088-1)

Operational application limits
Pressure (MPa): ≤ 35
Temperature (°C): -150 to +250
Running speed (m/s): ≤ 15

Hydraulic oils of all types, hot air, water steam, PTFE is resistant to most chemicals

The u-ring SNI43 is a single-acting PTFE seal in the form of an inner sealing u-ring. The steel V-spring activates the sealing lip permanently so that even in a non-pressurized state, good sealing performance is guaranteed.

We generally recommend axially accessible installation housings. For a limited size range, semi-open installation housings are also possible.

Due to the asymmetrical sealing lips, the sealing force is optimised and the friction behaviour improved. As a result, the service life is substantially lengthened. The standard for this seal is provided in the adjoining material combination. For non-standard applications, further PTFE compounds and V springs made of Elgiloy® are available.

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