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Product group: Rod seal
Design: NI asymmetrical u-ring with inner main sealing lip
Profile no.: 07
Specification: E suitable for one-sided pressure load
Model: STI inner back-up ring
Seal material: NBR 80 3002
Seal back: NBR fabric NBR F 80 3001
Back-up ring: POM

Operational application limits
Pressure (MPa): ≤ 40
Temperature (°C): -30 to +100
Running speed (m/s): ≤ 0.5

Hydraulic oils acc. to DIN 51524 Part 1 – 3, lubricating oils, mineral oil based lubricating greases, highly non-flammable hydraulic fluids HFA, HFB, HFC acc. to VDMA 24317

The u-ring SNI 07 is produced in a compact design which guarantees good functioning at low pressures. The SNI 07 compact seal additionally has an integrated back-up ring which also prevents gap extrusion at high pressures on the side facing away from the pressure.

U-rings can be installed in both solid and split housings. Please note for a solid housing application a minimum width is necessary and suitable installation tools may be required.

The SNI 07 seal requires relatively small installation housings. Due to the compact fabric back, intrusion into the extrusion gap is prevented.

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